Message from CEO for tonights Cup Final Meeting (2017-03-02) (2017-03-31)

By Ken Brooke

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen

My huge apologies in not being able to attend this evening. Last Friday early morning I slipped down the last 3 steps at home and have a major issue with my right knee. It is very badly swollen and having made a trip to minor injuries x-rays have shown no breaks, but the only way the swelling will subside is to keep my leg raised. It has caused me major problems as I cannot walk properly at all.

However I did not want this evening to pass without having a few words read out to you all. I would like to thank you all for your dedication and loyalty to the League which I never take for granted, but it is always very satisfying to see that we have over 99% coverage each week, which is a huge testament to John, Iain, Andy and Chris.

I come across many of you week in week out especially in the North of the County, to the point where Mr Hewitt was convinced I was following him!! We have some good banter on a Sunday and long may that continue. You have been chosen by the team to officiate in our Finals and it is important that you enjoy the matches as I am sure the players will.

I would like to personally thank John and his team for all their hard work across the season. There are often exchanges on a Saturday night if we have a Referee pull out late, and they pride themselves on trying to achieve 100% coverage. Thank you gents.

The final part of what I wanted to say is to inform you all that during the season John mentioned to me that this was going to be his last season as a Referee. John's name as a Referee was around when I first joined the League and that feels like centuries ago now! I asked John if he would take a Cup Final middle as a thank you from the League for the


service that he has put in across the years. He went away and after some persuasion he agreed to my request.

It is fitting that we recognise John's contribution in this way, and I am sure you will all support me in making this decision.

I hope you have a great evening. I am really sorry I cannot make it, but I am meant to be flying off to Barcelona tomorrow. My kids are already looking for the Spanish translation of "wheelchair" and I want to give my knee plenty of rest today.

This is the first time we have hosted an event of this nature and this is all done to John who is 100% responsible for this evening. I am sure it will be a great success and I look forward to seeing you all at our Cup Finals over the coming weeks.


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