Electronic Match Cards - Please Read (2017-08-31) (2017-12-31)

By Iain Southgate

Firstly can I welcome you to the Kent Youth League and I look forward to working with you in the forthcoming season.

Please find attached the 2017/18 match cards and instructions that need to be followed.

Can I ask, that if you have new managers or people who have not sent a match card to the KYL before, that you get them to send a completed match card to their age group gmail address so they can see what is required and I can also point them in the right direction if needed.  Any names and scores can be used on this test card. I will look in the next week to check any cards sent in.

I am here to help you with this process so any questions or problems throughout the season please contact me as I really do not want to be sending fines out as it means more work for me and less funds for your club.

Good luck for the season



Iain Southgate
Kent Youth League Match Card Secretary.
Kent Schools Referee Secretary



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